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Introducing the second graphic eye series WITCH'S MARBLE from WITCHBYWITCH.

* This product is suitable for purchase and use by those aged 15 and above.
* This is a made-to-order product requiring a preparation period of 30 business days.
* Cancellations and refunds are not possible after the end of the pre-order period. Please purchase carefully.
* The product includes eyeballs and an authentic case.
* The color of the product may vary depending on the user's monitor settings.
* The wig, eyeballs, body, and outfit shown in the pictures are not included in the product.

* The 10mm product cannot be ordered with the narrow or double narrow options
(only the basic iris is available).

* The 12mm product cannot be ordered with the double narrow option
(only the basic iris or narrow is available).

* This is a handmade product, and some individual differences exist. Please visit the link below to check the standards for normal products before purchasing to avoid inconvenience.
[Check the eye defect criteria(click)]

* As a made-to-order product, cancellations or exchanges due to simple change of mind are not permitted unless there are specific defects in the product. In the event of a defect, only an exchange will be available, so please make your purchase thoughtfully.

* For exchanges due to product defects, please contact us via the 1:1 CS board within 7 business days. We regret that we cannot accept exchanges for requests made after this period.

[Material] Urethane, Resin

[Size / Dimensions] 10mm ~ 20mm

[Check the eye detailed dimensions(click)]


* All international shipments are delivered via EMS.

* Shipping fees are primarily based on the distance of delivery. Items like wigs, accessories, and eyes might have varying fees based on their size and volume. Larger items like doll bodies will differ in shipping costs based on volume. 

* If you wish to consolidate shipments of pre-ordered items with products ordered at different times, you can request combined shipping through the Personal Customer Center. For combined shipping, deliveries will align with the longest production lead time. If you've already paid multiple shipping fees, we'll refund you the costs excluding the heaviest item's shipping fee. For these matters, please reach out to us via the Personal Customer Center, and we'll expedite the process for you.


* Most of the items sold at WITCHBYWITCH are pre-order products. Given the terms mentioned beforehand, refunds aren't possible unless there's a specific defect reason. However, if a defect is found in the product, we'll assist in exchanging it for the same item. For any inquiries related to exchanges, please use the 1:1 inquiry board, and we'll address it promptly.

* Compatibility between heads and eyes not mentioned in the above information is difficult to confirm.


[HEAD] 딸기머랭 / 포도머랭 by SOMMUNGCHII

[HEAD] Ajeong : Closer by SWTICH
[FACE UP] by Nuit

[EYES] 14mm / Basic Iris(WWH01)
[EYES] 14mm / Basic Iris (딸기머랭)
[EYES] 16mm / Basic Iris (포도머랭)

[EYES] 14mm / Basic, Narrow, Double-Narrow Iris (Ajeong : Closer)

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